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Messenger Terence is the eleventh episode of series four and the fiftieth episode overall. In this episode, Terence wants to be first with the news.



  • Tubb: Villager Tubb
  • Sploshy: Villager Sploshy
  • Finbar: Villager Finbar
  • Terence: Messenger Terence
  • Winona: Villager Winona
  • Reg: Roaring Reg the Lonely Tiger (later Messenger Reg)
  • Amelia: Villager Amelia


Terence wants to be the first with the news for once, but the other Rubbadubbers keep beating him to it! Messenger Terence discovers that everyone loves good news and no one likes bad news. But Terence eventually finds that you can turn bad news into good news!

"If only" Phrases

  • Opening: "If only I could be first with the news."
  • Closing: "If only I could stop delivering messages for a little while."


  • Messenger Terence has the only evidence of tigers and big cats in Rubbadubbers.
  • The "if only" wish likely takes place in southeast Asia as this is one of the historical ranges for tigers.
  • Terence resembles Christopher Columbus who was rumored to have discovered America in 1492.
  • This episode premiered 13 December 2021 on YouTube.
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